10 new ways to enjoy a Pisco Sour

It’s Pisco Sour Day again, and to celebrate we’ve made a compilation of our favorite Pisco Sour creations that have been going around the web lately. We love it when people get creative with our favorite national drink, and we hope you find in them new fun and delicious ways to enjoy your Pisco.

And of course, don’t forget to go back to our Pisco Sour coconut tart, to all the exciting cocktails that were created last last year at the Macchu Pisco Sour contest, and if you want to honor the original, timeless Pisco Sour, here’s our classic recipe.

And as we say in Peru, p’arriba, p’abajo, p’al centro, y p’adentro!





  1. Thanks for including my delicious Pisco Sour Cupcakes in your round up! Provecho!

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