Ají Limo: The Colors of Heat

They come in a rainbow of colors: red, orange, yellow, green, white, and purple, and are used not only because they add a colorful note to dishes but a very spicy one as well. Ají limo is a medium-sized pepper, (about two or three inches long), and is one of the oldest and hottest found in Peru.

Some people say that the tip of each pepper is where they store most of their heat, but beware of the seeds and ribs too! They are usually eaten raw, and are a must in cebiches, vegetarian cebiches tiraditos,  and other preparations such as seafood salads. Nowadays, you can find ají limo paste in grocery stores around Lima, or even online if you are abroad.


  1. I have some of these exquisite Peruvian chili peppers. The type I have are green, can you tell me more about this pepper?

    Thank you for your time

  2. Can anyone tell me where to buy these true AjiLimo seeds?


  1. […] yet sophisticated-looking preparation of raw fish marinated in lime juice, with the vibrant heat of aji limo, rocoto, or ají amarillo, the sweet contrast of sweet potato, and the crunch of our delicious […]

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