The tiradito, a lighter version of the ceviche, without the intensity of the raw onion.

Is it Carpaccio? Is it Sashimi? No! It’s Tiradito!

Olluquitos Con Carne – An Underground Rockstar

Delicious dish in the background, accompanied by a juicy tenderloin.

Puré de Pallares – Silky Lima Beans Purée

Chocotejas, confections from the desert

Tamalitos verdes, a non-guilty pleasure

Pisco is Peru. Yet another celebration

Insert some pieces of chicken on each bamboo stick and cook on the grill or in the pan.

Chicken Anticuchos – Street Food At Its Best

Arroz chaufa… welcoming the Chinese New Year

Arroz Tapado – The Lazy Cook’s Favourite

Christmas chocolatada, a hot summer tradition