Cebiche de Tarwi (Chochos or Lupini Beans)

Have you tried tarwi? This ingredient is also known as chocho in other parts of Latin America, and as lupini bean in Europe, although the latter is a slightly different variety. Tarwi is very nutritious but hard to cook, so it should be soaked for hours and cooked changing the water several times to get rid of its bitterness and of the toxic compounds of the plant.

To me, the solution is to buy jarred chochos or lupini beans, which you can use in several dishes, all of them with the delicious bite of the giant “bean“. I love to include them in cebiches or in stews, for example. This cebiche is a very light appetizer, and a great option to make when the season’s festivities are over and you’re trying to eat healthy again.



  1. Angela Akbarpour says:

    I would love the recipe but cannot find it. Is the link missing?

  2. In Jordan, they’re called Turmus! You can buy them from any supermarket and we eat them as snacks, they’re also sold in the streets in small packets with salt and lemon YUM! 🙂

  3. Hi!

    The link for the ceviche recipe links to:


    It should be:

    Notice the “:” after http.

    I will try this recipe this weekend!

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