Peruvian Cebiche Recipes

Cebiche, ceviche, sebiche o seviche (it can be written in any of those four forms), is a dish in which seafood is cooked by marinating it in lime juice. Cebiche is not only one of our Peruvian food’s flag dishes but it is a proud sentiment of our gastronomy, king of our tables and, to be honest, the best cebiche in the world since it is so delicious and easy to prepare.

Victoriano López, is the right hand of one of the most important chefs in our continent: Gastón Acurio.
Victoriano López – From Huaraz to NYC
He is the right hand of one of the most important chefs in our continent: Gastón Acurio. One could even say that
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Morena, beautiful food that matches her name!
Morena, beautiful food that matches its name!
A couple months ago, Jose, my best friend’s brother who lives in Australia, sent me a link to a Peruvian
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The tiradito, a lighter version of the ceviche, without the intensity of the raw onion.
Is it Carpaccio? Is it Sashimi? No! It’s Tiradito!
The Peruvian coast has thousands of kilometers along the magnificent Pacific Ocean, with hundreds of little fishermen towns. The origin
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Palta rellena, two better halves
I was expecting my first baby the day I felt a sudden craving for palta rellena (stuffed avocado with tuna
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Chicharrón de Pescado, Fish Fritters That Will Make You a Believer
I´m in El Salvador right now, the country where I was born, and where part of my family still lives.
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Cebiche - When Fish Is The Star
Cebiche – The Fish Is The Star
  Raw fish, salt, and chili peppers. That was the first recipe for Cebiche more than 500 years ago. It
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Conchitas a la parmesana - Savoring the Sea
Conchitas a la parmesana, savoring the sea
FRESH SCALLOPS IN THEIR SHELL WITH MELTED CHEESE. We are boiling in the States, but in South America it´s wintertime.
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José Garcés has built a solid and successful career, is a master in handling the most complicated techniques imaginable
Latin Evolution, by Jose Garces – A taste of the Future
I was looking for Latin American cookbooks in Barnes & Noble the other day, and this book caught my eye.
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Cebiche Classic - The Sexy Star of Our Coasts
Cebiche, the sexy star of Peruvian cuisine
Lime-marinated raw fish. Every coastal country has its own version of this dish –raw fish marinated in citric juice-, but
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