Chups – Summer Fun

Chups and marcianos are the Peruvian version of what is called bolis and bolos in other Latin American countries. To make them, any leftover fruit juice or milk are poured into thin plastic bags with the help of a funnel, tied with a knot at the top, and frozen until solid. During the summer, you can see street vendors selling these refreshing ice sticks all over Lima at a very low price, offering a wide selection of flavors to choose from.

Chups are also very easy to make at home, and great to keep in the freezer during the summer, for whenever you need to cool down. Kids love them and you can make them in different flavors and colors. Our favorite, hands down, is the chicha morada flavor, but you can also make delicious chups using apple water, lemonade, orange juice, passion fruit juice, chocolate milk, and all kinds of yogurts. For a grown up version of these summer treats, use maracuyá sour, pisco sour,  algarrobina, chilcano or pisco punch.

Other options are agua de jamaica (hibiscus water), pineapple juice, guava juice, coconut with milk, pinolillo (in Nicaragua), any kind of tea, or even coffee with milk or cream. Now that we’re heavy on juicing, I think that any Green juice would also be a fabulous and healthy option. And what about a nutritious and yummy banana smoothie? Commercial chups tend to have lots of added sugar, so these are by far better options.

There is no need to have a recipe for this. Just freeze your beverage of choice, wait a few hours, and enjoy!


  1. Love your site! Thanks for the great recipes!

    Wondering where to purchase those chups bags in the U.S.

  2. Could you tell me where to buy those chups bags? I couldnt find Ziploc bags

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