Convenient Latin Food con Buen Sabor

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, but all the opinions are my own.

There is nothing more satisfying than eating like a queen (or king) in your own home every day, and that’s why I love creating special meals to feed my family and friends all the time. This is also why I try to cook home made meals -from scratch- most of the time. Frozen food is something Latin Americans are not very fond of, as most of the time it can’t compete with freshly made food, both in quality of ingredients and taste.

Last week, however, I discovered that lovely-tasting, and healthy food can indeed be found in the freezer section of the grocery store. A few months back, I was approached to collaborate with a new brand of frozen Latin American dishes called Buen Sabor (Good Taste), which was passionate about reproducing the traditional flavors of our countries, using natural ingredients only, and no added chemicals or preservatives. For the first time in my life, I was attracted to take a closer look at frozen food, but despite collaborating with them by sharing my culinary know-how for several months, I wasn’t a real convert until I tried the finished product last week.

I was visiting my daughter in NYC, and it was so hot that we didn´t feel like cooking. It was a lucky coincidence that I received a Buen Sabor Party in a Box, full of frozen Buen Sabor dishes to finally try. Since this was more food than we could eat ourselves, we made plans to have a dinner party with friends to try some of these rice dishes. Instead of heating them in the oven (too hot for that!), I took them out of the containers and put each in a skillet to cook on the stove at low heat.

We had a Chickpea and Sweet Potato Picadillo, which, to our surprise, included some red quinoa in the ingredients. I topped this with some grilled cheese, and served it with a green salad on the side, and a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice. It was comfort food at its best, so tasty, and the ingredients so natural, that they even passed my healthy daughter’s strict food standards, and she ate the whole plate.

We also tried some Savory Rice Seasoned with Squash and Poblano Peppers; Savory Chorizo-Seasoned Rice with Cheese; Savory Rice Seasoned with Chipotle Chicken and Black Beans; and Sweet Plantain Empanadas with Cheese (as appetizers). And yes, all of them were awesome, full of homey flavors and good textures.

There were no leftovers. And did I mention I didn’t tell our friends that this was frozen food? They didn’t even suspect it.

I’m so pleased with this experiment, and proud to be part of the Buen Sabor family. Seeing how easy it was to have several sassy Latin dishes that everyone enjoyed on the table in just a few minutes was so much fun! I´m not afraid of frozen food anymore because now I know that, against all odds, great food can be found in the freezer. You just have to be really careful when reading the labels, and go for wholesome options like the ones offered by this brand. If you’re ever in a rush, but still want to eat food that feels home made, and that has no ingredients other than the ones you would actually use to cook at home, I highly recommend you to try Buen Sabor. It might really surprise you the way it surprised me.




  1. What kind of cheese is on the picture? I don’t think I’ve seen cheese grilled quite that way before but it looks great.

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