Discovering Peru, Nebraska – If we share the name, why not the food?

Yesterday this video caused great commotion amongst my friends on Facebook. In it you can see a bunch of famous Peruvians (Gaston Acurio -chef; Sofia Mulanovich– Surf World Champion; Magaly Solier -actress; Juan Diego Flores -opera singer, and many others), making a surprise visit to Peru, Nebraska, a small and quiet, very white middle American town. I had no idea such a place existed, but it does, and there’s footage to prove it! The point of the visit is to teach our “fellow citizens” to enjoy life the Peruvian way, and to feel proud of our food, music, crafts, sports, and everything that makes our country special and distinct from the rest of the world. It’s a privilege to be able to experience all these things on a daily basis, so this friendly bunch decides to spread the love and share these wonders with Peruvians abroad, even if that means going all the way to Nebraska. The video was originally made to promote the country internally, and infuse country pride to its people, but social media being the force of nature it is, in just a few hours it had turned into an international sensation. Good job friends, and friends of friends! I finally found a version with English subtitles, so here it is. Lots of appetizing shots of food, so take a look foodies!


  1. Fun stuff! Having visited Peru and worked (still do) with Peruvians, I know how important food is to Peruvians. Comiendo al estilo peruano is a joy. Makes me want to go visit some of my favorite Peruvian restaurants!

    Visiting from Chasing Joy’s linky,


    • Thanks for visiting, Alison. We´re delighted to know that you came to Peru and liked our food. Maybe should consider a second trip to Machu Picchu??? xoxo.

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