Easter Cinnamon Rolls – Happy Easter!

In Peru, like everywhere else, Easter is a big tradition. Many people spend the day focused on the religious celebration, but for many families with kids, it’s all about the chocolate egg hunt in the garden! When my children were small, we (I mean, the Easter bunny), would hide Easter eggs amongst the plants and flowers early in the morning, so the fun search could start as soon as they got out of bed. The house would be full of chocolate for several days after that (although we ate them at an alarmingly fast pace), and then waited till the next year to start the ritual all over again.

These easy cinnamon rolls are the perfect treat to make for Easter breakfast or brunch, with all those tiny chocolate eggs that abound at this time of the year. If your family has a traditional Easter menu that you want to respect, or simply don’t have time to make them this weekend, they are also a very creative way to put all those leftover tiny chocolate eggs to good use in the next few weeks.  Click here for the recipe.

Happy Easter!

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