Cheese and Peppers Maseca Quick Bread
Recipe type: Breads
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 8
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil (I used olive oil)
  • ½ orange (red or yellow) bell pepper, diced
  • ½ rocoto chili pepper, seeded and ribbed, diced (I used canned rocotos)
  • ¾ cups cake flour
  • ¾ cup Maseca for tortillas
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ½ teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • ½ cup buttermilk
  • ½ cup grated cheese
  1. Preheat the oven to 400ºF. Heat the oil in a pan, add bell pepper and rocoto and cook for 5 minutes, stirring a few times. Turn off the heat. Reserve.
  2. In a bowl, mix the flours, baking soda, salt, and sugar.
  3. In another bowl combine egg, sour cream, buttermilk, cooked rocotos and peppers, and pour over the dry ingredients. The mixture will be crumbly.
  4. Oil the skillet or baking pan. If you are using the skillet, put in the hot oven for a few minutes. Take it out of the oven and pour the batter into the skillet or pan. Bake for 20 minutes. Take out of the oven, sprinkle with the grated cheese and bake 5 more minutes or until the cheese is melted.
  5. Turn off the oven, wait a few minutes for the bread to cool a bit, and enjoy!
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