Lomo Saltado Recipes

Lomo Saltado is one of Peru’s most popular dishes, it is also one of the easiest and affordable recipes to prepare. Lomo saltado is an example of Peruvian fusion since it comes to life because of its Chinese influence on local cuisine, combining Asian techniques and flavors with Peruvian ingredients like ají amarillo, cilantro, and tomatoes. Traditionally it is always combined and served with french fries and white rice. Here you’ll find different takes, tested by us and prepared by the best restaurants and chefs. Enjoy!

lomo saltado with onions and tomatoes and risotto at the base.
Lomo Saltado Risotto
Peruvian cuisine has become increasingly sophisticated in the past decade or so, open to all sorts of new fusions. And
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Pork Saltado Sandwich
Lomo saltado is an ubiquitous entrée in Lima and many other parts of Peru. Peruvians love it for its amazing
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Filled lomo tacos, a good option.
Lomo Saltado Tacos – Mexican & Peruvian fusion
As I spend a lot of time in the US, where tacos are one of the most prevalent foods, I
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Victoriano López, is the right hand of one of the most important chefs in our continent: Gastón Acurio.
Victoriano López – From Huaraz to NYC
He is the right hand of one of the most important chefs in our continent: Gastón Acurio. One could even say that
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A very strong bottom plate, suitable for any occasion.
We were featured on NBC Latino!
Hello our wonderful readers! Today we want to share with you our interview for NBC Latino from last week. We
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Pollo Saltado (Chicken Stir-Fry) – Sacred Flavors For Sacred Days
This week is sacred in Peru. Easter week. And by sacred we don’t necessarily mean religious, because non-believers worship the
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Delicious dish in the background, accompanied by a juicy tenderloin.
Puré de Pallares – Silky Lima Beans Purée
It´s a warm and sunny day in Lima, and here I am, having lunch in one of the most beautiful
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A great combination of our most representative dishes of Peru
La Folie’s lomo saltado extravaganza
Yesterday was Lima‘s anniversary (it celebrated 477 years since its foundation), so we decided it’s time to turn our attention
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Harmony of nature with a beautiful landscape.
Quinotto con lomo, cooking lessons in the Andes
Quinoa risotto with sirloin steak In Peru most of our life revolves around food. And the beauty of it all
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Loin with potatoes and rice
Lomo Saltado, Chinese Inspired Feast for the Senses
Scrumptious Beef and Vegetables Stir Fry with French Fries and Rice Our affection for this juicy, steamy, homey dish is
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