Fried cebiche tacos (Tacos de cebiche frito)

Cebiche, as we all know, is a raw fish dish. As exquisite as this world-famous appetizer is, its main strength -the freshness of it all-, is also its weakness. Cebiche needs to be prepared and enjoyed in the moment, and leftovers have to be thrown away without exception. But what if this wasn’t so?

In a slightly embarrassing episode of my last days as a party girl, I was visiting a friend in LA, and we were terribly hangover from her office’s Christmas party the previous night. Naturally, we decided to have a cebiche for lunch, as this is the traditional way we Peruvians take care of the damage caused by too many drinks. Even though a spicy, very acidic raw fish dish may sound like an unlikely cure, it usually works wonders. In this particular occasion, however, my body crashed so hard that once the cebiche we made with such enthusiasm was ready, I couldn’t eat any of it. I just needed to rest.

So there was my friend, sitting at the kitchen table, with a huge bowl of cebiche that needed to be thrown away. Being a vegetarian who only started eating fish in the past few years, and who has above average respect for any kind of life, the last thing I wanted to do was to let that fish die in vain, just to end up in the trash can. That’s when the crazy idea of storing it and frying it the next day was born.

There where no leftovers of this cooked version, that’s all I’ll say.

Try it, love it, and start making cebiche more often, without feeling the need or pressure of finishing it all in one go.

Get these fried cebiche tacos recipe here.

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