Happy Birthday to Us!

SURPRISE!!! It’s our 1 year anniversary!

You didn’t see that one coming, did you?

Even to us it’s unbelievable how time flew! If the date of our first post wasn’t recorded in here, we would have no idea it had been a whole year of food-obsessive Peruvian-ness. On April 25th 2011 (a year next Wednesday), we embarked on this adventure, without a clue of what to expect or where it was going to take us, and we posted our first recipe, which of course had to be CEBICHE: The Sexy Star of Peruvian Cuisine.  And Wednesday is not only our first birthday. That day also marks our post #100. Now how’s that for a double celebration?

Many lessons learned, meals prepared, photos taken, recipes written, in-the-kitchen and out-of-the-kitchen calamities, and fun times after our first recipe was posted, we find ourselves here, with a nice little blog that is already taking a defined shape, and a very big list of goals for our 2nd year. If you liked us this year, get ready for what’s coming next, because this is only getting started.


But of course, we wouldn’t have achieved anything if it wasn’t for you, our awesome readers! Yes, we love preparing food, and yes, we love eating it even more. But what really gives us the motivation to keep doing this every day, learning, and improving the quality of the things we share with you, is knowing that there are so many people around the world reading us, and writing to us with their questions and words of encouragement. It’s a beautiful thing when people come together around a table of food or a meal. This blog is allowing us to do that virtually, and we LOVE it.

Salud, for many more years measured in food!




  1. yummy que rico se ve ese birthday pie!!! Feliz Cumple Wishing you many many more years of success and yummy food!

  2. Feliz Cumple Blog!! Les esperan muchos años mas de exitosas recetas y buenas vibras 🙂

  3. FELICIDADES!!! I really can´t believe it´s been a year. No paren, sigan, sigan!!

  4. Congrats and keep sharing those wonderful recetas peruanas 😛

  5. Felicidades!!

  6. Salud y muchas felicidades!!

  7. Muchas Felicidades, Morenas! 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading your blog for many years to come. 🙂

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