Lúcuma Power

With its floury and orange pulp, this fruit is the darling of Peruvian desserts, especially when used for making ice creams and milk shakes. Its aroma is peculiar, and its  flavor earthy and sweet. similar to Zapote, but with a creamy, silky texture instead of a juicy one.

Lúcuma trees are very tall,  and only the female ones bear the best fruit. You can buy Lúcuma flour to be used in ice creams, but nothing can equal the fresh, ripe fruit. Use the powder only if you live abroad and this is your only option.

Nowadays, chefs all around the country are experimenting with savory dishes using Lúcuma, such sauces for fish and alpaca, and they are surprisingly good.



  1. Do you know of a source to buy the fruit fresh and have it shipped in to the USA? Or a source that sells it in the USA? TIA

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