Mango Tres Leches to celebrate our Hispanic Heritage

Ok, maybe we’re overdoing it with the sugar. So what? This month is Hispanic Heritage Month, and no celebration is complete without cake, am I right? When we were invited by the lovely chef and fashionista Bren Herrera to be part of the Hispanic Heritage food party going on at her delicious blog Flanboyant Eats, the first thing on our mind was our family’s favorite dessert: Tres Leches.

This dessert is a great proof of our common heritage as Hispanics, since my mother is Nicaraguan, where Tres Leches is supposedly from, but for the past 30 years she lived in Peru, where this incredibly moist and creamy cake is one of the top sellers of restaurants and cafes. My mother’s recipe is the best I’ve ever tried, and she herself grew up enjoying this dessert in the afternoons, when her grandmother made it for them in Central America. A real time and space traveller!

For Flanboyant Eats she decided to take it up a notch, and flavor it with some tasty mangoes (how I miss Peru’s sweet and juicy mangoes!), and she decorated it like a pro. You don’t have to make ti so fancy if it intimidates you to try, or you simply don’t feel like it. The beauty about most Latin dishes, including this Tres Leches, is that they are so good despite their simplicity.

Happy month Hispanic friends! And check us out at Flanboyant Eats, for the recipe of this exquisite mango Tres Leches!


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