#MeatlessMondays – Bean Escabeche (Escabeche de Frijoles)

Escabeche is a very convenient dish. Usually made with fish instead of beans, this recipe can be prepared in advance, as its taste actually improves after several hours (or overnight), when all the flavors have melded together. Enjoyed either hot or at room temperature, this dish is also ideal to take to work for lunch, or bring along to a picnic. If you’re on a rush and don’t have time for cooking one day, this is the perfect dish to make in advance and have ready in the fridge, waiting to be enjoyed whenever you get hungry.

Full of flavor, nutritious, and incredibly cheap, this vegetarian version of escabeche is usually made with Lima beans, but you can use any kind of legume you like, as I’ve done here. Be practical. Use what you have in hand. Don’t worry if you don’t have the right Peruvian chili pepper or the right kind of onion. Instead, be creative and replace ingredients like I’ve done here (hint: cayenne pepper is not a common ingredient in Peruvian food!).

Here’s the LINK to the vegetarian bean escabeche recipe.

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  1. Thank you so much for meatless Mondays. I have decided to stop eaten meat, and your Monday recipes are awesome. As a peruvian, I do miss the meat dishes of typical peruvian cuisine, however, for health reason I have stop eaten meat. I look forward for meatless Monday from now on, Thanks

    • That makes me so happy, Maria. In this blog you will learn that you don’t have to eat meat to enjoy Peruvian food. Keep checking us out!

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