#MeatlessMondays – Leek, zucchini, and fennel quinotto

My family has a mild obsession with risotto. This Italian staple is very popular in Peru (but where isn’t it popular?), and it is one of my mother’s specialties. My brother inherited this passion too, and whenever he feels like treating his friends to dinner, a slow-cooked rissotto is what he makes.

I, on the other hand, have an equally strong liking for it, but prefer to make it the non-traditional way. For one, I don’t use white rice in my cooking, so arborio is out of the question. When making risotto, I use brown rice or quinoa instead.

Quinotto (quinoa risotto) has become trendy in the last few years, not only in the realm of Peruvian food, but in many international restaurants and cafes as well. This Andean ingredient can be used to make all kinds of wonderful risottos, that are both healthy and light, especially if you add plenty of veggies, and make them vegan like I usually do.

I shared one of my favorite Quinotto recipes over at QueRicaVida.com a few weeks ago. It is a wholesome vegan and gluten-free entree, made using quinoa, fennel bulb, zucchini, summer squash, shallots, leek, white wine, pine nuts, and parsley. Want the recipe? Then go here.


  1. The original recipe is delicious. I have also made an awesome soup cooking just the veggie puree and blending it with chicken broth. So good.


  1. […] I made all the stuffing in this recipe, but only half the dough, so I have quite a bit of stuffing left in the fridge. I already have several ideas of what I could do with it. Either I’ll use it as a dip for crackers or veggies, or I’ll stuff ravioli, tequeños, or a vegetarian lasagna with it. I could even add it to some quinoa, for an improvised artichoke quinotto.  […]

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