Ollucos – One of a kind

Ollucos look like bright colorful potatoes but they are something quite different. These Andean tubers have a somewhat slimy and watery texture, nothing in common to that of potatoes, and they can be eaten raw or cooked, although the latter is preffered as part of stews and chupes (thick soups). The name comes from the quechua word “ullucu” which means tuber.

These unique vegetables have beautiful colors, from pale or bright yellow to orange, pink, and red. And they come in many different sizes, from tiny (like grapes), to big (larger than baking potatoes). There is no need to peel them, just scrub them well under running water and cut in fine sticks or rounds to use in any recipe. Keep at room temperature until ready to use.



  1. […] to find fresh ollucos in the US, (in some latin stores you can find them frozen or canned). Ollucos are tubers, with shiny skin in several colors that range from yellow to red to purple. For the […]

  2. […] He would keep asking for it week after week, and we would lie and tell him the store had ran out of ollucos, or some other story to persuade him against […]

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