Paneton Filled With Ice Cream – Have A Sweet And Merry Christmas!!!

When my kids were growing up, they loved the many desserts I made with paneton for Christmas. Sometimes it was bread pudding, or French toasts; but their favorite, -especially their father´s favorite-, were mini panetones filled with ice cream. They were easy to make, and I could keep them in the freezer for months, so Christmas was extended into the first months of the year.

For this holiday, I´m going back to my old school recipes, and I already have several of these delicious panetones eagerly waiting in the fridge for Christmas Day. I used vanilla ice cream and stirred mashed blackberries and red currants into it. You can use whatever ice cream you have at hand, or mix a simple vanilla one with your favorite fruits, as I did.

To prepare them, cut a slice from the top of the paneton, and using a knife, make a hole in the center, and pull some of the bread from the middle, leaving a 1/2 inch crust. Fill the paneton with ice cream, cover with the lid, and wrap tightly in foil. Put in the freezer and use as needed. You can keep it there for up to 3 months.

To serve, sprinkle the paneton with confectioners´sugar, add some fruits or chocolate sauce, and cut in slices, like a cake.

It´s now snowing outside, so I´m going to go take a walk, and enjoy this white Christsmas, which is a new thing for me, because in Peru it´s summer. I wish you all a wonderful time, surrounded by lovely food, and even better people.

Love to all of you!

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