Choclo – Peruvian Corn

Corn, or Choclo, as it’s called in Peru, is a main staple of our daily diet since thousands of years ago. We have more than 30 varieties, in every color and size imaginable, and all of them delicious, but the giant kernel corn from Cusco is one of the best.

With Choclo we make Tamales, Humitas, sweet pastries, Cancha Salada, breads, soups, Chupes (thick Andean soups), lawas (light soups made with very young corn), or we eat it just boiled, served with a big chunk of Queso Fresco (white cheese) or Queso Serrano (Andean cheese), or with chili pepper sauce. Interestingly enough, and despite the amount of corn we devour, Tortillas or Arepas are not a part of our diet, as they are in many other corn producing countries.

You can find frozen Peruvian corn  in many Latin American grocery stores in the US and elsewhere.


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