Pisco is Peru. Yet another celebration

This past week was Pisco Sour day. Yes, another celebration. As you can see, foodies find many reasons to celebrate all the time! For this special occasion we decided to review one of our favourite books about Pisco: “Pisco es Peru ” (Pisco is Peru).

The story of Pisco is romantic and full of surprises, and demanded a very detailed investigation by author Mariella Balbi, for her gorgeous book that covers over 450 years of this crossbred drink’s history. Hundreds of hours of interviews with Pisco producers, and travels along the Peruvian south coast to visit “the Pisco route“, resulted in this beautiful book that narrates the story of our national liquor, together with recipes, tips, and photographer Renzo Uccelli‘s stunning pictures.

During Colonial times, Pisco was the third most important product of the Peruvian economy, only after gold and silver. The Spanish conquistadors brought the grapes, new to our land, to make wine, and this crop  took our country by storm, growing non-stop. As time went by, however, the wonder grape was forgotten little by little. The vineyards disappeared and the production and consumption of Pisco had to face the inevitable: it’s almost extinction.

Mariella Balbi is one of the most respected journalists in Peru. She is the author and editor of several books, including Los Chifas En El Peru: Historia y Recetas  (Peruvian Chifas: stories and recipes); La Cocina Segun Sato: Pescados y Mariscos a la Manera Nikkei (Sato’s Cooking: Nikkei-style fish and seafood); and Lûcuma: Un Legado De Sabor PreHispano  (Lucuma: a Pre-hispanic legacy).


Get Pisco es Peru here .


  1. very interesting, I would have never believed that peruvian pisco story can create a 450 pages book 🙂 nice!

  2. I had an amazing drink called “Peruvian Mistress” and it had pisco and guava. Amazing!

  3. So is it Peruvian or Chilean? Jajajaja¡ OK….JUST kidding 😉
    I love how pisco has become the new cool drink. It totally deserves its moment in the spotlight and I hope to learn to make a mean pisco sour soon!

    • Hmmmm….How do we start to answer this…. Lol.
      It doesn’t matter who says what. We are all citizens of the world, and should share it’s wonders!
      You would look very international-chic making a kick ass Pisco Sour Ana 😉

  4. Thank you very much for the review. In South American food and drinks were created by to meet needs, then they have fantastic stories

  5. Where can you find good Ica Piso in usa?


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