Purple Corn – Maíz Morado

Maíz morado is one of the many varieties of corn native to Peru. It’s sold dried, by the kilo, and it´s good for chicha morada, and mazamorra morada, one of the most popular desserts in Lima. Purple Corn is very popular in the Andes and well known in Bolivia and Ecuador as well.

To use purple corn and give the water its intense color, you should take the kernels out of the cob first. But don´t you dare discard the cobs, because that is where the secret lies: they render even more color than the kernels! Break the cobs or leave them in one piece, add spices, (cinnamon, cloves, allspice), and boil until the water has a deep color. Cool and strain, discarding the solids.

You can also use this water to cook a delicious and unique purple rice, not only colorful but also full of the diuretic and blood pressure regulating qualities of this exotic ingredient.


  1. JACI J . SIRANGELO says:

    me gusto muchicimo lo que lei` desse maiz , quiero saber mas si pocible .yo vivo en los usa pero soi Brasilera y ha mande para Brasil sobre esso . Tenemos mucho que aprender con ustedes . Brasil esta perdido de Monsanto , es una plaga .Me va a encantar saber de ustedes . Jaci

  2. I would love to make this. I was in Peru last year and had Chicha morado frequently. However, since returning to Canada, I have been unable to find the purple corn. Any suggestions?
    Thanks for any assistance you can provide me.

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