Bavarois de guindones / Prune bavarois / Merengón / Ice Palace

Bavarois de guindones 12

Airy, foamy, light, and delicate… these are some of the words I can use to describe this dessert. In Peru, it is also known as merengón: a baked meringue, studded with chopped prunes, covered with caramel and always accompanied by some custard on the side. I love this bavarois because it´s so easy to make and always comes out perfect. Only a few … [Read more...]

Chiffon cake day? Yes, please

Chiffon cake 2

 Chiffon cakes are so easy to make that I don´t think I would ever buy one. This is the kind of cake that was baked in my house when my kids were growing up probably once or twice a month. The kind of cake they would have for breakfast, lunchbox or dessert. The kind of cake all their friends from school also ate at home. Although this is not … [Read more...]

It’s chocolate cake day. The perfect excuse to indulge!

Chocolate cake

Did you know that today is Chocolate Cake Day? I had no idea this celebration existed, until a few days ago when I read it somewhere and thought to myself: what a great excuse to eat a big piece of chocolate cake! I don’t think this recipe for a rich, fudgy and syrup-drenched cake is originally from Peru, but it's hugely popular in Lima, and … [Read more...]

Pionono de manjarblanco, loved around the world

pionono 1

Everybody knows this cake. A homey dessert with different famous names, in Spain and Central America it is brazo gitano (gipsy´s arm); jelly roll in English; arrollado or enrollado in some parts of South America... But for us, it is, and always will be our craved pionono. Sometimes it’s filled with dulce de leche,others, with pastry cream, or … [Read more...]