A chat with Marie Elena Martinez, editor of The Latin Kitchen

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When did you start The Latin Kitchen, and how did it happen?  TLK is a property of Latina Media Ventures, the founders of Latina Magazine and Latina.com. While I didn't come up with the idea, it was something that I saw missing on the web — a one-stop shop for all things Latin food. There's so much diversity in the Latin food world, from … [Read more...]

Peru Sabe – A film by Ferran Adria and Gaston Acurio

Gaston Ferran Jesus_M. Rajmil

Last Monday I was invited to the United Nations in Manhattan, for the premiere of Gaston Acurio and Ferran Adria's documentary: "Peru Sabe. Cuisine as an agent of social change," directed by Jesus Maria Santos. If you're interested enough in food to be reading a food blog, you probably know who Ferran Adria is. If you're interested enough in … [Read more...]

Pan con aceituna (Olive sandwich) – My picnic essential


Happy weekend everyone! If you happen to be somewhere where the weather will be nice, it would be a great idea to have a picnic with friends, don't you think? There are very few things in the world that I like more than having picnics. Sitting on the grass, under the sun or the shade of a tree seems to be extremely therapeutic for me. When in Lima, … [Read more...]

Victoriano López – From Huaraz to NYC

Victoriano Lopez in the streets of New York

He is the right hand of one of the most important chefs in our continent: Gastón Acurio. One could even say that the recent success of the latter, and of Peruvian food in general, has been in part thanks to the creative flow between these 2 cooks and long time friends. But Victoriano López is a humble man. He welcomes us in La Mar Cebicheria, at 11 … [Read more...]

Morocho, Peruvian street food takes New York


Since I moved to NYC, I have spent a lot of time looking for places to eat, and being the foodie that I am, I'm sure this comes as no surprise to anyone. My favorite places are already too many to name here, but one thing I am guilty of not having payed enough attention to, are the innumerable food trucks I see every day on the streets. I have … [Read more...]

Morena, beautiful food that matches its name!


A couple months ago, Jose, my best friend's brother who lives in Australia, sent me a link to a Peruvian restaurant in Sydney he had heard wonderful things about. The place was called Morena, so I think you don't need an explanation of why I was immediately drawn to it, and had to write about it. I sent an email to co-owner and chef, Alejandro … [Read more...]

13 ways to eat like a Peruvian

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Hello everyone! It's Friday the 13th. As a saying I like goes: "Bad luck? Good luck? Who knows." To have a little fun with the date, we came up with 13 ways to eat like a Peruvian. If you're Peruvian, you'll nod as you scroll down the list and know exactly what we're talking about. For everyone else, this will give you a clearer view (hopefully) of … [Read more...]

Arroz tapado, the lazy cook’s favourite

Arroz Tapado

Molded ground beef with veggies and rice. Gastón Acurio, our most famous chef, says that growing up in upper class Lima, he used to think arroz tapado was what the family cook prepared when she didn´t feel like cooking. And maybe he was right, because this is a quick-fix dish for any day of the week, so easy to make that even the least … [Read more...]

We were featured in Univision News!


Yesterday I came back from a weekend meditation retreat to find this article quietly waiting for me in my email inbox. I'm so excited to share it with you today, and hope this is the first of many to come! My friend Sandro Mairata is a very talented journalist who has worked for many national and international publications, and while in Lima a few … [Read more...]

A cookbook geek, that would be me

huancaina book

The boom started quietly, too quietly to be noticed by most people, but after the first successful cookbook sold out in Lima, a snowball effect took place and the titles have continued pouring non-stop for almost 20 years, covering every subject imaginable. This is not new, there were cookbooks about Peruvian cooking since Colonial times, but the … [Read more...]