Pamper your mom with these mini-voladores

mini voladores

  Light, fragile, sweet, and pretty... these voladores are the mini version of the traditional volador, a dessert popular in Lima for more than a hundred years. The trick to make the best one is to roll the dough until very thin, -almost transparent-, and then prick it all over with the tines of a fork, and bake it until cooked but still … [Read more...]

Guargüeros – Fried napkins filled with dulce de leche


  These beautiful sweets are one of my birthday-table favorites, along with alfajores, mana,  bolitas de nuez,melcochas de chocolate, yemecillas, encanelados, and many other lovely  sugar confections. In Lima, you can find them in many bakeries, grocery stores and coffee shops, but there is something rewarding -and relaxing- about making … [Read more...]