Shrimp with garlic and mushrooms – A gourmet appetizer to enjoy the World Cup

Shrimp with garlic and mushrooms. jpg 1

Originally from Spain, this dish has hundreds of variations in many countries around the world. For me, these shrimp cooked in fragrant garlic-infused oil and golden fried garlic slices, are  the best thing to serve over thick bread slices, and you can also use the bread to mop up the sauce left on the plate. This is a great nibble to serve on … [Read more...]

#MeatlessMondays – 30 Peruvian dishes every vegan should try

Mazamorra Morada

Last week we shared 22 of our favorite Peruvian dishes for vegetarians. But of course, we are well aware that there's a stricter group of people that can't enjoy many of the foods vegetarians can. So this is for you, vegans of the world. Our 30 favorite vegan Peruvian dishes published so far in this blog. Let's start with some nibbles. If … [Read more...]

Roasted Bell Pepper Causa with Scallops

Roasted pepper causa with scallops. jpg

Causa is a traditional dish that can be transformed with many different ingredients. Although the classic causa is always made with layers of mashed yellow potato, and filled with chicken or tuna salad, in recent years you can find causa in tiny and stylish presentations, topped with escabeche, fried fish, cebiche, octopus with black olive … [Read more...]

Andean Chicken Fritters -Chicharrones Andinos de Pollo

Andean Chicken Fritters. jpg 800

These tasty fritters make wonderful nibbles, a delicious appetizer or even a nice, light entree. The quinoa gives them an extra layer of texture -and a nutritional boost-, and makes them fancy and modern. My brother, Roberto Cuadra, came up with this recipe, which he serves with finely shredded and fried green plantains. To complete the dish he … [Read more...]

How to Make Papa Rellena. Step by Step

Papa rellena

  Papa rellena is one of my favorite Peruvian dishes. It’s satisfying, bursting with flavor, and you can have it as an appetizer or entrée, hot or cold, day & night, night & day, and fill it with whatever you want. I especially enjoy the fact that a lot of die-hard meat eaters, who go by the slogan of “if I don’t have meat in a meal I … [Read more...]

#Meatless Mondays: Squash Soup

Squash Soup

  A couple years ago I took a holistic nutrition class, and I learned something that may seem very obvious, but not everyone follows: that eating and drinking warm things during cold months is extremely important to keep a cozy body temperature. However healthy raw eaters say their diet is, if you're cold like I'm starting to feel some mornings … [Read more...]

Solterito – The traditional way & our Quinoa version.


A few weeks ago we launched our latest eBook, Delightful Quinoa Recipes. In this virtual cookbook, we have shared our favorite recipes using this Peruvian superfood which is so in vogue around the world. One of those recipes is Solterito, one of our country's most beloved salads. Here's a little video where you can learn how to make our version of … [Read more...]

Classic Papa a la Huancaína Revisited

Papa a la huancaína

Very high in the Andes, the beautiful city of Huancayo is the flourishing commercial emporium of the region. It has fantastic food and is abundant in fresh produce, especially artichokes. Papa a la Huancai­na, (potatoes Huancayo style) are boiled yellow potatoes covered with an even yellower spicy and creamy cheese sauce, and accompanied by … [Read more...]

#MeatlessMondays – Vegetable Quinoa Flan

Vegetable flan

Our love for flan or crema volteada is such, that we are always imagining not only sweet but also savory versions of this lovely concoction. There is a huge variety of flans served all around Lima, -from vegetarian versions made with spinach, broccoli, white or green asparagus, and green peas, to fish or shrimp flan. This flan is very easy … [Read more...]

Shrimp Escabeche with Causa – Two favorites in one dish

Shrimp escabeche

Originally made with a humble fish called bonito, escabeche is a classic appetizer served cold. A fried fish fillet is covered with a very tasty sauce made with aji panca, which imparts its fantastic red color, earthy flavor, and heat to this dish. The assertive flavor of red wine vinegar is an important component of this recipe. However, … [Read more...]