Asian tuna and salmon cebiche – Raw pleasure in two tones

salmon and tuna cebiche (1)

Cebiche, cebiche, cebiche. Is that all Peruvians eat, some may wonder. And the answer is YES! OK, before all Peruvians reading this are offended by my over-simplying our vast gastronomy to just one kind of dish, let me rephrase that. Peruvians eat a lot of different things. But whenever possible, they will have a fresh cebiche. If given the … [Read more...]

Aji de Gallina empanadas – A turnover full of surprises

Aji de Gallina Empanadas

Empanadas are  savory or sweet turnovers, that enclose a variety of delicious fillings, and are very popular through Latin America. They come in different sizes, and depending on the dough, they are either baked or fried. The baked varieties are eaten warm, and need to rest for a few minutes after being taken out of the oven (they reheat … [Read more...]

#MeatlessMondays – Get strong as Popeye the Sailor with a crustless spinach tart


Vegetable tarts, pies and gratins are an easy way to get those 5 portions of fruit and veg a day, without having to go out of your way. Without even knowing it, Peruvians got it right when they started introducing lots of these savory pastry recipes into their diet. Dishes such as pastel de acelga, pastel de alcachofa (the artichoke version of … [Read more...]

#MeatlessMondays – Coliflor arrebozada, a veggie in disguise


Today I decided to focus on one of my favorite edible flours: cauliflower! My relationship with this cruciferous vegetable has been rocky throughout the years, to say the least. When I was in highschool, around the age of 15 or 16, I suddenly became obsessed with this nutrient-packed veggie. I don't know if my body was in need of some serious … [Read more...]

#MeatlessMondays – Escribano Arequipeno, the law of eating well


When we started Peru Delights, and I was trying to expand my range of Peruvian veggie recipes, my mother mentioned a name I hadn't heard before: Escribano Arequipeno. I had heard the word escribano before, but only because it means "notary", or "court clerk" in Spanish. I didn't have the slightest idea, however, that this was a traditional dish … [Read more...]

Easy, healthy and delicious. Choritos a la chalaca (mussels Callao-style) have it all


Food in the busy Port of Callao, the most important in Peru, is esteemed as one of the best of the country, especially when it comes to fish and seafood. Still in tune with Lent, today we're sharing the recipe for one of our most popular local hors d'oeuvre: choritos a la chalaca. Choritos are mussels, and "a la chalaca" means "Callao-style". It's … [Read more...]

Is it Carpaccio? Is it Sashimi? No! It’s Tiradito!


The Peruvian coast has thousands of kilometers along the magnificent Pacific Ocean, with hundreds of little fishermen towns. The origin of cebiche lies in the hands of these rugged, salty-skinned men, and this is also the case with tiradito, a lighter version of cebiche, without the pungency of the raw onion. For tiradito, the fish is sliced very … [Read more...]

Palta rellena, two better halves


I was expecting my first baby the day I felt a sudden craving for palta rellena (stuffed avocado with tuna salad) for the first time . There was no time to lose, so I ran to the grocery store and chose the biggest avocado, two cans of tuna, some mayonnaise, and returned to my tiny kitchen to prepare this delicious dish all for myself. But it … [Read more...]

Chicharrón de pescado, fish fritters that will make you a believer


I´m in El Salvador right now, the country where I was born, and where part of my family still lives. My brother and I drove to the seashore yesterday morning because we wanted to see the fishermen coming back from the sea with their boats full of fish and shellfish. It was an amazing experience despite the burning sun over us, and after drinking a … [Read more...]

14 aphrodisiac and romantic foods for a spicy Valentine’s Day (or any other day!)


1.Palta rellena (stuffed avocado). Avocados are said to be extremely aphrodisiac. The aztecs called its plant "ahuacatl" or "testicles tree", because of the shape of this fruit, commonly known as a vegetable. Catholic priests in Spain thought it was so obscene and sexual because of it's shape, that they banned it for a long time. It is said that … [Read more...]