Menestrón, a heart warming ensemble


The name already tells you what this is all about. Menestrón is a Peruvian adaptation of the Italian classic soup, Minestrone. Italian food has been a huge influence in Peruvian gastronomy ever since the first Italians arrived in our country. Beef stock is used for the Peruvianized version of this sturdy meal, but after the end of year festivities, … [Read more...]

Tallarines verdes, Peruvian-style pesto


Comforting spaghetti with basil, spinach and cheese sauce. Ever since I can remember, my favorite food in the world was pasta with pesto sauce. At home as a little girl, they would make this dish every year for my birthday, when I was sick, and any time they wanted me to feel special and loved. It was a big surprise when I found out, I don´t … [Read more...]