Keeping Warm this winter with Peruvian Soups

Peruvian Soups

Soups in all their variations (chupes, lawas, aguaditos) are an important part of the Peruvian diet. To make them we use any ingredient we have around, whether it's grains, cereals, cheese, fish, shellfish, chicken, beef, lamb, or just vegetables. Many of them are traditionally eaten at dawn as a very early breakfast after a long night out with … [Read more...]

It´s time for Cazuela.


  Cazuela is one of those comforting dishes you can find in most homes, but rarely in restaurants. The reason is probably its extreme simplicity, but sometimes the best things in life are the less pompous ones, right? This is our vegetarian version of Cazuela, (in fact, it is vegan), and if you add quinoa or barley instead of the Israeli … [Read more...]

#MeatlessMondays – Chupe de ollucos, a very special soup

Chupe de ollucos

Last week we posted a recipe for chupe de camarones, one of the most flamboyant dishes of our varied gastronomy. The sturdy and colorful soup, that is prone to put you to sleep, was born in Arequipa, but its fame has grown so much that you can find it in every traditional restaurant, and in most fish and seafood restaurants throughout the country. … [Read more...]

#MeatlessMondays – Crema de zapallo (squash soup). Healthy seasonal eating.


A couple years ago I took a holistic nutrition class, and I learned something that  may seem very obvious, but not everyone follows: that eating and drinking warm things during cold months is extremely important to keep a cozy body temperature. However healthy raw eaters say their diet is, if you're cold like I'm starting to feel, you may want to … [Read more...]

Sopa Criolla (beef and angel hair soup) – A quick and tasty dinner fix

Sopa Criolla

The dishes I enjoy the most preparing, are the ones I can have ready on the table in less than an hour. Sopa Criolla ("Creolle soup") is one of those. In Peru we love to have it for lunch, but it is especially good and comforting for dinner, as it is fulfilling and flavorful, but light at the same time. What gives so much flavor to the broth is the … [Read more...]

Aguadito de pollo – Chicken and cilantro soup to warm your body.


    Aguadito de pollo is in the category of hearty and succulent soups, bursting with flavors and textures. Having a serving of this for lunch is a complete meal, so nothing else is needed, maybe only a dessert. This is the kind of soup we call "levanta-muertos" (literally, that wakes up the dead), because some people usually have it at … [Read more...]

Sancochado – A robust soup for weekend appetites


South America is in the middle of winter right now, and cold days call for something warm, nurturing and comforting. This immediately brings one dish to my mind, and feeling nostalgic about it is inevitable. The delicious meal I'm thinking about is called sancochado, a hearty soup consisting of many ingredients and parts to it that have charmed … [Read more...]

Aguadito de pescado, a dreamy and aromatic soup

Aguadito de pescado. jpg

Two months ago my daughter and I went to Charlottesville, Virginia, and one afternoon, while browsing through the bookstore, heard the voice of a woman on a microphone talking about cookbooks. We walked towards the voice and discovered that 5 new cookbooks were being presented by their authors; so, naturally, we took a seat and opened our ears.  … [Read more...]

Olluquitos con carne, an underground rockstar


I love the bright colors of ollucos,and their shiny, smooth (and completely edible) skins. These funny-looking root crops are originally from the highest plateaus of the Andes, and Peruvians enjoy them mostly in soups and stews (although I also like adding them to salads). For a long time I only knew one variety, and thought it was the only one, … [Read more...]

13 ways to eat like a Peruvian

IMG_3501 copy

Hello everyone! It's Friday the 13th. As a saying I like goes: "Bad luck? Good luck? Who knows." To have a little fun with the date, we came up with 13 ways to eat like a Peruvian. If you're Peruvian, you'll nod as you scroll down the list and know exactly what we're talking about. For everyone else, this will give you a clearer view (hopefully) of … [Read more...]