#MoscatoDay – How to pair Peruvian dishes with Moscato.


If you read our bios page you will find out that half of the Peru Delight's team (ie. my mother) is not only a professional chef, but also a wine expert. She spent many months studying vines, grapes, wines, and everything inbetween, and tasting and pairing them with food. After graduation from the course, she founded the Peruvian Wine Society, a … [Read more...]

Pollo al Sillao (Roast chicken with soy sauce) – Kickin up the flavor

chicken with soy sauce

When my children were very young, and I spent a lot of time experimenting and playing in the kitchen, this was one of my favorite dishes: roasted chicken thighs with soy sauce, garlic and ginger, served with roasted sweet potatos and fluffy white rice  to mop up the flavorful juices. The sweet potatoes were very easy to make by placing them in a … [Read more...]