Tejas And Chocotejas Will Make This Christmas Extra Sweet

I have two reasons to love tejas and chocotejas: 1. I have a sweet tooth; 2. They are irresistible. These bite-sized Peruvian sweets can be enjoyed at any time of the day, as a treat or dessert if you want something sweet to finish your meal on a high note. Needless to say, they are also the PERFECT bite when I need a chocolatey pick me up during a busy day.

Helena’s Chocotejas are famous in Peru, and increasingly so around the world, and they make very charming (and tasty) gourmet Christmas or New Years present for all foodies out there, Peruvian or not. The classic chocoteja is made with dulce de leche, pecans and chocolate, but Helena has many other interesting flavors such as Pisco infused raisins, guava, orange, prunes, Brazil nuts, walnuts, and more.

To learn more about these traditional sweets and buy them online, go to the  Helena Chocotejas website. And don’t forget to use our code for Peru Delights readers only, to get a 15% discount. Code: HPD-15



  1. A special thanks to Morena Cuadra for kindly writing about our Helena Chocotejas, the finest peruvian handmade confections. Visit us at: http://www.HelenaChocotejas.com

  2. Thank you HOLA JALAPEÑO…. our confections are very known and famous in Peru and little by little in the US. American Airlines first class service features them from Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York. We are proud of our exotic flavord such as prune, guava, raisin and orange to name a few. Our goal is to sweeten USA with our unique and delicious Chocotejas by Helena. Thanks again and do not forget to visit us on: http://www.HelenaChocotejas.com to find out about our Sweet Story !


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