The Art of Peruvian Cuisine, by Tony Custer – A gourmet bible

This book is a must in your cookbook collection.

Eric Ripert, the famous chef behind Le Bernardin, wrote the foreword to this book. The photography and recipe selection are marvelous, and the elaboration and presentation of the food, spectacular.

This was the first Peruvian cookbook published with such high standards, and from the start it was targeted for an international audience.

Tony Custer, very successful business man from Lima, a Harvard graduate, and passionate lover of our gastronomy, kept wondering why books that honored Peruvian cuisine could never be found in bookstores.

With his vision for business and professional experience, he decided to be a leader and take the bull by the horns, or to use a language more appropriate to our theme, the pan by the handle.

With this idea in mind, he recruited renowned chef Coque Ossio, and Felipe Ossio, sons of Marisa Guiulfo, the most celebrated banqueter in Lima, and they got down to business

A few years ago (in 2000 to be exact), this book revolutionized the national culinary ambient, with this book, a deluxe edition full of gorgeous pictures. The dynamic author gave proof of his creativity and golden heart, by designing and editing this gastronomic jewel to finance several projects that helped children with learning problems in marginal areas of Lima. He also gave the world a taste of Peru, and made Peruvians proud of our culinary heritage.


  1. I love the photographs in “The Art of Peruvian Cuisine” so they got that part right and I saw the book in a bookstore and was so attracted that I ordered it without reading a couple of the recipes to see if they were well written. I’m sad to say, the recipes are poorly written. I’m a strong, talented cook and I have to rewrite the recipes to use them efficiently and to pass them on to my friends. Beautiful but could have been edited to be a much better resource.

  2. THIS IS THE BIBLE OF THE PERIVIAN CUISINE, it was bery helpfull, for me to open my restaurant

  3. Hi – love to cook….bought this book years ago when I lived in Key Biscayne Fl.. My son visiting from Toronto so loved the recipe with corn, yucca, boniato etc plus ahi amarillo – like a vegetable soup, that he was eating it for 2 days and the morning he left for the airport. That book is at his house in British Columbia, Canada now and i’m in Toronto desparate to make that for him. Any chance of getting this recipe ? ………Thanking you in anticipation, Brenda Baldocchi

  4. Rocio Kershenbaum says:

    Love the book! But there are a few mistakes in it, specially in the measurements. Hopefully will be fixed in new editions! 🙂 the book itself and pictures are beautiful.

    Example: recipe of alfajores 🙂

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