The exotic flavor of Tumbos

This fruit looks different from its relatives (passion fruit and granadilla). Tumbo has an oval shape, about 5 inches long, but its skin has the same yellowish color of the passion fruit we call maracuyá. If you cut tumbos in half, lengthwise or across, you will find hundreds of black seed, each one inside a bubble of orange and sweet-sour juice. This is used to make refreshments, desserts and ices. It has the acidity and the color of its relatives, only milder.


  1. Tumbo are my favorite fruits! When I was a child, growing up in Lima Peru, couldn’t find rare fruits. However, when I traveled around to Trujillo, Huancayo and San Martin I discovered tumbo! and asked mom to buy a dozen. I was so in loved of this fruits that I did everything to find them in Lima, after few years tumbo was already being sell in Lima! I use to eat it plain, but i wonder how will it taste in a cheesecake??

    • Oh, that’s a GREAT idea. We will try it and let you know. And you are right, we are lucky that now we can find most of the Peruvian bounty in the markets of Lima. We’re in heaven when we visit them.

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