The subtle sweetness of Granadillas

Granadillas belong to the passion fruit and tumbos family, but has a very sweet and delicate flavor instead. The color of its pulp is different as well, almost transparent, far from the intense orange of passion fruit. Its flavor is sweet and refreshing, and they say its pulp is soothing for the stomach, for the nervous system and for the liver.

Granadilla juice is so light that in Peru it´s the first fruit juice given to babies after milk (an ounce or so at mid morning is energizing and they love it). To make the juice, place some granadilla pulp in a sieve and press with the back of a spoon to release the juice concentrated around each seed.

You can also eat granadillas just as they are. Simply cut the hard peel in half with a knife or with your fingers, and eat with a spoon (some people bite the seeds, some just swallow them. It’s your choice). In Peru we love to have granadilla juice mixed with orange or tangerine juice. The gentle flavor of the granadilla softens the citric fruit´s acidity and creates perfect synergy.

Because it´s not very high in calories and is full of fiber, this fruit is highly recommended for losing weight.



  1. granadilla is one of the best and delicious
    fruits in Peru, I do recomend to all new mothers for their babies, made them calm and


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