Top 10 Recipes You Need To Try in 2017

I can´t believe the New Year is just around the corner. This has been an amazing year for me and I want to thank you for following us and for reading us. I have great plans for 2017 but above all I´ll keep cooking and sharing with you our beloved and delicious Peruvian recipes… and much more. Lots of surprises are on their way only for you. These are the Top 10 recipes you looked the most in this year, and I encourage you to learn how to make them -they are very easy- and cook them often at home.

Have a wonderful and blessed 2017. May the New Year be filled with love, happiness, health, prosperity and success!

1.- Papa a la Huancaína

2.- Salchipapa

3.- Aguadito de Pollo

4.- Pollo Saltado

5.- Seco de Carne

6.- Anticuchos

7.- How to Make Papa Rellena. Step by Step.

8.- Pionono de Manjarblanco

9.- Cornstarch Alfajores

10.- Suspiro Limeño

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