Wonderful Camu Camu

It´s the fruit of a bush that grows wild in the Peruvian and Brazilian rainforests. Camu Camu resembles a large grape with a color betweengreen, red and yellow; it has big seeds and a  juicy pulp, and they say it is the richest source of vitamin C in the world. It is also loaded with antioxidants and some claim that it is one of the superfoods of our time.

It is unlikely that you will find it in markets or grocery stores outside the country, because even in Peru it’s not so easily available at all times. The most popular dried camu camu powder is sold as a dietary supplement, and you can buy it in health foods stores or in some supermarkets.

Because it’s very acidic, you cannot eat it by itself, but use it in juices, sauces, or desserts instead. To prepare a delicious cold drink, cover the fruit with hot water and let rest. After a few minutes squeeze the fruit with your hands, strain it, add sugar and more water (just like tamarindo juice), and you have an elixir that is amazing for your health and for your skin as well.


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