#WordlessWednesday – Our Inti Raymi Offering


As we mentioned in our last post, the Inti Raymi was celebrated in Peru on June 24th. This “Festival of the Sun” was originally created by the Incas to celebrate the Andean New Year, and venerates the sun -which was the God of this culture- with dances and offerings. This is our very own offering to the sun and the Pachamama. What’s yours?



  1. This is very cool! The only offerings we do are when we set up for dia de los muertos and all offerings are for those we are honoring that have passed. I’d love to read more about this tradition

  2. Love it. I don’t make material offerings. However, I do offer up everything I do every day, and I try always to do everything to the best of my ability. 😀

    • The offering to the Pachamama includes coca leaves, corn, fresh and dried potatoes, among other things. It´s a beautiful tradition. Your´s is wonderful, offering our daily activities to God, or the Universe.

  3. This really makes me want to go to Peru even more!

    • Let´s go to Peru, Ericka! We can have a blogger´s seminar, a gourmet tour, and the celebration of Inti Raymi. We have one year to make plans. What do you think?

  4. What a beautiful celebration! I think the Mayan and Incan New Year´s are at the same time or close? Need to Google that…

    • Ana, let´s make plans for a celebration in Cusco next year. The Inti Raymi, and a blogger´s seminar the same week? I bet it would be espectacular!!!

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