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In the midst of Lima’s bustling culinary scene, there’s a new foodie haven that offers an environment and selection of products that are one of a kind. Everything about this place – from the pots with fresh herbs on the terrace, to the nights dedicated to wine and live music,  to the emphasis put on local and sustainable products, is meant to introduce customers to the art of eating well, which includes pausing for a moment to be in the here and now, creating connection with other people, showing respect and gratitude to the earth and the producers who make our food possible, and simply, celebrating every bite.

We talked to Sabrina Chavez, who created this space inspired by her studies in the slow food movement, and her lifelong love affair with homemade dishes and local ingredients.

Where did the idea for La Gastrónoma come from?

It came from our desire to create a place in Lima that is completely dedicated to gastronomy, but also has a beautiful, very personal touch, and a strong identity. We want people to feel that a lot of thought has been put behind every single product they find here, and that everything we offer is rooted in our beliefs and love for good quality products, and in the passion of the craftsmen we work with.


Where do you find such original products? 

It all boils down to loving, living, and breathing food. Curiosity takes us to different markets and stores, and to inquire about new things in the world of gastronomy all the time. Even if I didn’t have this store I would find these things and buy them for my own kitchen!


Who’s in charge of the kitchen?

We all cook! But it’s a very simple style of cooking. Our aim is to highlight the exquisite quality of the products we work with. We prepare food that will surprise the clients with the quality of the raw materials we use, and that we are extremely proud of, not with elaborate dishes. Our ingredients are mostly artisanal, and we strive to find products that don’t damage the environment or other beings (people or animals). We try not to use any plastic, and try to find producers that don’t use it either.

Let’s talk a little bit about some of the fun products you sell. 

We have a quinoa beer. It’s a Kolsch by a beer producer called Cumbres. It’s light, refreshing, and if it’s not too cold, you can feel the delicious quinoa aroma in it.

We have several local cheeses, including a “Cholombert” (Peruvian Camembert). We have a varied selection of organic goat cheeses (smoked, with herbs, with pepper jelly, with onion), and some made with milk from happy cows.

We also have jellies in some typical Peruvian flavors, such as aguaymanto, and sauco, and will soon have quince, ginger, roses, and lemon jellies, produced by a beautiful woman from the Andes.

Speaking of the Andes, we have salted caramel toffees, with Peruvian pink salt from Cusco.

We also offer a great selection of Italian wines which are very popular with our customers. We have great organic breads, and our homemade hummus is another best seller.

What are three products that anyone who loves to cook should always have in the kitchen?

Some good olive oil, a high quality staple food (pasta, bread, potatoes, corn), and a drink to complement the food and lift the spirit. I truly believe that an alcoholic beverage (wine, beer, cider), should accompany the ritual of eating, to connect the eater with his/her hedonistic side.


What are three Peruvian products everyone should be consuming?

Potatoes, because they are delicious and nourishing, and they are the foundation of our entire civilization.  Aji amarillo (yellow chili pepper), because of the wonderful aroma it infuses to every dish. The third would be any of our native herbs, such as huacatay.

La Gastrónoma – Libertad 439, Miraflores. Lima, Peru. / (511) 447 1383 / 

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