Peruvian hors d’oeuvres

#MeatlessMondays – Whole Wheat Artichoke Empanadas

Choclo al Comino – Corn with Cumin and Lime

Causushi – Sushi Rolls filled with Causa

Ají de Gallina Tartlets – Old Fashioned Glamour on Your Table

A Leek Quiche For Entertaining – Subtle Flavors For The New Years

Upgraded pan con palta (bread with avocado) – For a unique Christmas celebration

Hajime – Nikkei food at its best in Ache Cafe

Easy last minute finger food for Thanksgiving

#MeatlessMondays – Chifles – Adictive Fried Plantains to Nibble on

#MeatlessMondays – Get strong as Popeye the Sailor with a crustless spinach tart

Cancha Salada – Peru’s All-Time Favorite Snack

Fried Yuca Sticks With Fiery sauce – Addictive Super Bowl Munchies