Time saving bean soup with pork

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This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with BUSH'S Cocina Latina and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all stories, recipes, and points of view are my own. I’ve always found soups to be the quintessential comfort food; unbeatable at making me feel better during the rainy, cold, and dark days that become frequent around this time of … [Read more...]

Caramelized Onion and Quinoa Crescents for Thanksgiving

Caramelized onion and quinoa crescents. jpg

Last month I was invited to attend the 47th Pillsbury Bake-Off, in Nashville, Tennessee, and I had the opportunity to try most of the one hundred recipes that made it to the semi-finals of this contest. It was really inspiring to see all the creative ways in which the contestants transformed bread, cookies or pizza dough into mouthwatering dishes, … [Read more...]

Pork Chops with Hoisin Sauce and Quinoa Salad

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with the National Pork Board, but the opinions, photos and recipe, are my own. When I think of cooking pork, I picture the countless flavor profiles that go well with this succulent meat. I particularly like Asian ones, as they make the perfect marriage with this meat and always produce … [Read more...]

Chunky tomato soup inspired by the Andes and our travels

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This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Hunt's Tomato Sauce and Latina Bloggers Connect, but the stories, views, and recipe are ours. One of my favorite childhood memories of food is having a hot bowl of tomato soup with melted mozzarella cheese on cold, lazy nights. On these occasions we would all gather in the kitchen while my mom … [Read more...]

Pork Saltado Sandwich

Pork Saltado Sandwich. jpg

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with the National Pork Board, but the words, photos and recipe are my own. Lomo saltado is an ubiquitous entrée in Lima and many other parts of Peru. Peruvians love it for its amazing taste, but other than this, one of my favorite incentives to make this dish is how easy to make it is, as … [Read more...]

Molecular Gastronomy by Hervé This

Molecular Gastronomy. photo

Do you want to know how to make the best stock, or to make hard-boiled eggs with the yolk perfectly centered and cooked? Are you interested in how to make and use marinades or fondues? Which is the best time to season steak: before, during or after cooking? How do we perceive aromas? Would you like to know why small children have no problems eating … [Read more...]

Pork Medallions with Quick Sauce – My week night favorite

Pork with Quick Sauce

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with the National Pork Board, but the photos, recipes, and opinions are my own. Pork medallions are one of the easiest and most delicious dinners one can make, so I usually reserve them for week nights, when I don't want to stress in the kitchen. What will you need to have this appetizing … [Read more...]

Turrón de Chocolate

Turron de Chocolate. jpg

This cake is a classic in Lima. It´s very easy to make at home, but you can also buy it in pastry shops and cafés. Once you have everything ready you can mix the ingredients in just a few minutes. While the cake is in the oven, make the fudge, or buy it already made if you are impatient and can´t wait to have a spoonful. Sometimes I like … [Read more...]

Passion Fruit Juice and Passion Fruit Nectar. Two ways with one fruit.

Passion Fruit Nectar. jpg

Passion fruit is one of my favorite fruits. Peruvians love it and use it in many recipes, from beverages like maracuya sour, to desserts like mousse, and savory dishes like cebiches, tiraditos. Jugo de maracuyá, or passion fruit juice, is made with pure passion fruit, water and sugar, and served with lots of ice. It´s a refreshing and … [Read more...]

Rice with Pork Lima-Style

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by the National Pork Board, but the photos and opinions are mine. Peruvian food has several recipes that highlight the tasty meat from pork. This is actually one of the country's favorite proteins. Sunday creolle breakfast consists in huge sandwiches made with pork chicharron -chunks of deep fried meat- … [Read more...]