Andean Pizza with Quinoa and Vegetables

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Last year my daughter took me for lunch to a beautiful pizza spot in Barranco, one of my favorite neighborhoods in Lima. The super thin pizza crust and the originality and playfulness of the colorful toppings inspired me to create many healthy and delicious homemade pizzas after that. And eventually, after many trials, I found the perfect crust for … [Read more...]

Cherimoya Alegre

Cherimoya Alegre

Cherimoya Alegre is the simplest, lightest, and most refreshing dessert you'll ever have. No doubt about that. But you will only be able to try it if you find extremely sweet and creamy cherimoyas like the ones we get in every market, street vendor, and corner store in Peru. I need to mention that as much as Peruvians love this dessert, its origin … [Read more...]

Black Olive and Raisin Mini Sandwiches

Olive and Raisin Sandwiches

These are one of my favorite sandwiches in the world and the reason is simple: they are beyond tasty and dead easy to make. But don't be fooled by their size and think you will need many of them to feel satisfied. The olives make them quite salty so eating just a few mini sandwiches is all you will need. This size is also how they are served at … [Read more...]

Cremoladas for fun, warm days


  In Peru, whenever it's a warm day and you're having fun under the sun, it´s time for a refreshing cremolada. This Peruvian version of a slushie is made with frozen fruits or simply flavored with a fruit juice. We like to make them with all kinds of nourishing and aromatic tropical fruits, but sometimes you can find boozy alternatives with … [Read more...]

Nidos de Bolita de Nuez – Tradiciones de Pascua

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Aclaración: Este es un post auspiciado por Collective Bias, Inc. y sus clientes, pero todas las opiniones y palabras son mías. #SweeterPascua #CollectiveBias Click here to read it in English. Una visita a mi Walmart más cercano es indispensable cuando busco los ingredientes para muchas de mis recetas, y es donde fui a comprar los Dove … [Read more...]

Easter Traditions – Bolita de Nuez Nests

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Disclosure: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SweeterPascua #CollectiveBias Haz click aquí para leer en Español. A visit to Walmart is a must when I´m looking for the ingredients for most of my recipes. So this is where I went looking for some Dove Chocolate Eggs … [Read more...]

Cóctel de Algarrobina

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Click here to read it in English. En Perú lo conocemos solamente como Algarrobina, que es el nombre de este super sencillo y delicioso cóctel, algunas veces considerado como un trago femenino por los hombres peruanos. Seguramente porque es dulce y cremoso como un ponche de huevos. Su nombre proviene de la miel de algarrobo, un sirope muy … [Read more...]

Algarrobina Cocktail

Algarrobina Cocktail. jpg

Haz click aquí para leer en español. Algarrobina is the name of this simple and delicious cocktail, sometimes considered a girly drink by men in Peru because of it's sweetness and creaminess that slightly resembles eggnog. Its name comes from the thick syrup -similar to molasses-, that is extracted from the algarrobo tree, and according to … [Read more...]

14 Sweet Desserts for your Valentine

14 Desserts for your Valentine

This Sunday is a day to celebrate love and friendship, and in my opinion the most fitting gift to express affection is a delicious sweet dessert made with your own two hands. That's why I've chosen 14 of our best desserts published here over the years, to inspire you to go to the kitchen and make one of them with love and appreciation for those … [Read more...]

Quesadillas de Verduras Rostizadas

Quesadillas de Verduras Rostizadas

Aclaración: Este es un post auspiciado por Cacique pero lo publicado aquí es nuestra opinión y son nuestras fotos. Click here to read it in English. El Super Bowl se acerca rápidamente pero todavía estamos a tiempo de planificar cada detalle para poder hacer una reunión divertida, tal como nos gusta, en compañía de la familia y amigos. Como … [Read more...]