Gourmet Salmon and Causa Bites in one two three.

Smoked Salmon and Causa Bites. jpg

Two days ago my daughter was making causa with smoked salmon, and while she was taking photos of the finished dish, I decided to make a small bite for myself with the leftover ingredients. It was so easy and delicious that we thought it was a good idea to share it with you. These rolls are the perfect finger food for any al-fresco party, for a … [Read more...]

Stay cool with this delightful Solterito Salad with Quinoa


Ufff!!! It´s so hot outside!!! These days, only a refreshing salad will do for lunch. We need to make food that will cool us from the inside out. We posted this recipe a few months ago, but today we are craving this delicious and nourishing Peruvian salad again. You can find this solterito salad with quinoa, and more fun summer recipes in our … [Read more...]

Sirloin medallions with macho sauce – A seafood feast for brave men

Lomo a lo Macho. jpg 1

This fiery hot sauce is usually served over fried fish fillets, and it´s called Pescado a lo Macho. Here you have a non-traditional variation using beef as the main ingredient. The sauce is rich with perfectly cooked seafood, and some cooks love to add even more species from the ocean to make the dish more extravagant and appetizing (if that is … [Read more...]

Peruvian piqueos – The art of shared nibbling

Cold piqueo. jpg 1

Peruvians love to start any meal with a platter of piqueos, which consist of several hot or cold delicacies, that are very well seasoned and served in just the right amount to tempt your tastebuds and get you ready for the main dish. Cebicherías are famous for serving choritos a la chalaca and cancha as nibbles, but fancier restaurants also have … [Read more...]

#MeatlessMondays – Vegetarian ají de gallina ravioli

Aji de Setas

Ají de gallina is one of those famous Peruvian dishes that is hard to turn vegetarian. I have tried it using faux-chicken in the past, an it didn't taste quite right. I once had a vegan version, however, and it was delicious. I had this at one of my favorite spots in Lima (and one of the few organic restaurants there), called El Alma Zen. … [Read more...]

Quick fruit bites – An easy afternoon snack

Fruit bites. jpg 1

Disclosure: The samples I used to make this recipe were provided by General Mills through Que Rica Vida, but the opinions, recipe and photos are my own. A few days ago I was happy to receive a package from General Mills containing the new Fiber One Streusel bars, in two new flavors: strawberry and blueberry.  I immediately  pictured several … [Read more...]

Shrimp with garlic and mushrooms – A gourmet appetizer to enjoy the World Cup

Shrimp with garlic and mushrooms. jpg 1

Originally from Spain, this dish has hundreds of variations in many countries around the world. For me, these shrimp cooked in fragrant garlic-infused oil and golden fried garlic slices, are  the best thing to serve over thick bread slices, and you can also use the bread to mop up the sauce left on the plate. This is a great nibble to serve on … [Read more...]

#MeatlessMondays – 30 Peruvian dishes every vegan should try

Mazamorra Morada

Last week we shared 22 of our favorite Peruvian dishes for vegetarians. But of course, we are well aware that there's a stricter group of people that can't enjoy many of the foods vegetarians can. So this is for you, vegans of the world. Our 30 favorite vegan Peruvian dishes published so far in this blog. Let's start with some nibbles. If … [Read more...]

Chups – Summer fun

Chups. jpg

Chups and marcianos are the Peruvian version of what is called bolis and bolos in other Latin American countries. To make them, any leftover fruit juice or milk are poured into thin plastic bags with the help of a funnel, tied with a knot at the top, and frozen until solid. During the summer, you can see street vendors selling these refreshing … [Read more...]

#MeatlessMondays – 22 Peruvian Dishes Vegetarians Must Try

chard tart

I've been a vegetarian for most of my life, which is no easy endeavor if you grew up in a place like Peru. My country's fabulous gastronomy is famous for its variety, its freshness, and unique flavors, but it certainly is not famous for being a particularly vegetarian-friendly cuisine. However, with so many years of experience in the art of fishing … [Read more...]