Easter Cinnamon Rolls – Happy Easter!

Easter cinnamon rolls

In Peru, like everywhere else, Easter is a big tradition. Many people spend the day focused on the religious celebration, but for many families with kids, it's all about the chocolate egg hunt in the garden! When my children were small, we (I mean, the Easter bunny), would hide Easter eggs amongst the plants and flowers early in the morning, so the … [Read more...]

Salmon Sudado Fatima – Healthy salmon dish inspired by the new baby in our family!

Salmon Sudado Fátima. jpgA

Guest post by Antonella Delfino This recipe was created by my husband. I have to admit that cooking is my passion, but creativity is not one of my skills, so when I need to refresh my menu it is he who brings the new ideas to the kitchen. After exploring several recipes in Peru Delights, he got inspired by the seco de carne recipe to make this … [Read more...]

Plancha de Mariscos – Grilled Seafood

Plancha de mariscos. jpg 2

Every time I visit my brother in San Salvador, I share this appetizing dish with him at his Peruvian restaurant. Even though it looks complex, it's very easy to recreate at home, an it's a great recipe to have in hand during Lent. To make it, you can use any kind of shellfish you like. I, for example, love shrimp and calamari. And what about … [Read more...]

Roasted Bell Pepper Causa with Scallops

Roasted pepper causa with scallops. jpg

Causa is a traditional dish that can be transformed with many different ingredients. Although the classic causa is always made with layers of mashed yellow potato, and filled with chicken or tuna salad, in recent years you can find causa in tiny and stylish presentations, topped with escabeche, fried fish, cebiche, octopus with black olive … [Read more...]

Gluten-free Quinoa and Pichuberry Muffins

Quinoa Muffins

Last summer, our friend Manuel Villacorta's second book, Peruvian Power Foods, was published. We have already talked extensively about this deliciously creative cookbook, but now I'm even more excited about it than I was when I first got it. The reason is that I'm studying to become a holistic health coach, and I'm learning more and more each day … [Read more...]

Rice Pilaf with Red Quinoa – The perfect side dish

Rice pilaf with red quinoa. jpg

Rice is my go-to side dish for any entree, and this simple but flavorful pilaf with red quinoa and angel hair pasta is one of the easiest and most delicious of all. In Peru you will hardly ever see a dish served without a big portion of rice on the side. We're addicted! Sometimes I like to add orzo or Israeli couscous  instead of the angel hair … [Read more...]

Chuño (Freeze-Dried Potatoes)

Chuño. jpg

  Thanks to Cesar Moncloa Guardia for the beautiful photo. The name of this unique ingredient comes from the Quechua ch´uñu, which literally means freeze-dried potato. Chuño is made with regular potatoes which are dried in the heights of the Andes. This word, however, refers to two different things in Peru: 1- It is a potato … [Read more...]

Fried cebiche tacos (Tacos de cebiche frito)

Fried Cebiche

Cebiche, as we all know, is a raw fish dish. As exquisite as this world-famous appetizer is, its main strength -the freshness of it all-, is also its weakness. Cebiche needs to be prepared and enjoyed in the moment, and leftovers have to be thrown away without exception. But what if this wasn't so? In a slightly embarrassing episode of my last … [Read more...]

Rice with Duck Peruvian-Style (Arroz con Pato peruano)

Arroz con pato. jpg

This incredibly flavored green rice is one of the most famous dishes in Chiclayo, north of Lima. Cooks in this region use the rice harvested in local farms, fragrant cilantro leaves -never the stems-, peas, and a well fed female duck, to make this legendary entree. Ancient Peruvians were very fond of native ducks, and they loved to prepare … [Read more...]

Yacon Syrup, a natural sweetener to keep an eye on

Yacon Syrup

If you are a diabetic, or simply love eating healthy, hanging out in natural foods stores, or reading health cookbooks or blogs, you may have heard about yacon syrup, one of the new alternatives to sugar that are in vogue. But what is this syrup with such a strange name? Yacon is a Peruvian tuber that grows in the Andes and the Amazon … [Read more...]