Top 10 Peruvian Thanksgiving Recipes

With New Year just around the corner, it is time for giving thanks with this delicious Peruvian inspired recipes we hand-picked for your delight. This has been an amazing year for us and we want to thank you for following us and keep supporting us, we have lots of new stuff, and stuffings, coming your way in the next months so bear with us.

For now, we have these Top 10 Thanksgiving-friendly recipes you will get thanked for if you share with friends and family. I encourage you to try them out, they are very easy and delicious. Cook them at home for your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving celebrations or to celebrate any day of the year with the great Peruvian taste.

Enjoy! And Happy Thanksgiving!

1.- Turkey Drumsticks in Soy Sauce


2.- Lamb Shanks


3.- Peruvian Purple Rice


4.- Peruvian Botija Olive Rice


5.- Baked Apples with Sweet Potato Puree


6.- Thanksgiving finger food


7.- Maracuya Sour (Passion Fruit Pisco Sour)


8.- Chocolate mousse with Pisco


9.- Passion fruit mousse


10.- Chocolate Macarons with Lucuma Mousse


* And a little extra for your post-Thanksgiving leftover lovers: Hearty Turkey Sandwich with your Thanksgiving leftovers



  1. I thought #1 was a frog on a stick.

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