Peruvian Cebiche Recipes

Cebiche, ceviche, sebiche o seviche (it can be written in any of those four forms), is a dish in which seafood is cooked by marinating it in lime juice. Cebiche is not only one of our Peruvian food’s flag dishes but it is a proud sentiment of our gastronomy, king of our tables and, to be honest, the best cebiche in the world since it is so delicious and easy to prepare.

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Cebiche de conchitas light and delicious.
Scallop Cebiche
It’s Sunday and in South America we are having warm and sunny days. It’s the perfect moment for this refreshing and
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Piqueo Peruano - Ceviche, octopus in black olive sauce, tiradito, causa
5 Years in a Row. Peru is the Best Culinary Destination
This week, PROMPERU (Peruvian Commission for the Promotion of Export and Tourism) announced that Peru, for the fifth consecutive year,
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Fried ceviche tacos
Fried cebiche tacos (Tacos de cebiche frito)
Cebiche, as we all know, is a raw fish dish. As exquisite as this world-famous appetizer is, its main strength
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Cebiche de Tarwi (Chochos)
Cebiche de Tarwi (Chochos or Lupini Beans)
Have you tried tarwi? This ingredient is also known as chocho in other parts of Latin America, and as lupini bean in Europe,
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Seafood ceviche in the northern style.
Northern-Style Seafood Cebiche
What do you like to eat after a long weekend of stuffing yourself with all kinds of delicious food? For
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It’s National Cebiche Day – These are our favorites
Whenever someone starts a conversation about Peruvian food, the word cebiche is always one of the first to be mentioned. This simple,
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The Chef Wong journalist turned into a chef, famous all over the world for his cebiches.
Javier Wong and the best cebiche in the world
His restaurant is far from fancy, but it’s one of the most acclaimed eateries in Lima. Against all odds, this
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Oriental Ceviche Tuna And Salmon.
Asian Tuna And Salmon Cebiche – Raw Pleasure In Two Tones
Cebiche, cebiche, cebiche. Is that all Peruvians eat, some may wonder. And the answer is YES! OK, before all Peruvians
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Mushroom Cebiche – All Health -And Flavor- Freaks Welcome
Yesterday, June 28th, Peru celebrated its National Cebiche Day. What more do we need to say? Any reason is good
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