Delicious Aguaymantos (Golden Berries or Pichuberries)

Aguaymantos (a.k.a. golden berries or pichuberries), are ready to be enjoyed by themselves or to be prepared as part of sweet or savory sauces. They have a sweet and acid flavor, and a delicious texture. We love Aguaymanto compote with yogurt or ice cream, or Aguaymanto jam, but you can make juices, desserts or add them to salads. They look like tiny yellow tomatoes full of tiny seeds, and can be found dehydrated in many health trail mixes or cereals in the US.


  1. […] was having a killer sugar craving, and since that day on it’s become my favorite indulgence. Aguaymantos, if you remember from a previous post, are a juicy, sweet, slightly acidic, and almost too pretty […]

  2. […] with aji panca sauce, the tempeh and white bean cebiche, the Lima bean stew, and the oven roasted pichuberries. I won’t even mention the desserts and sweet treats included in the book, because I want to […]

  3. […] we shared while we drank and talked. Every time I was there she would open a small box of dried aguaymantos covered in chocolate, I’m sure to comfort me as I was about to work through major blockages […]

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