Maseca, expanding our culinary boundaries

We are thrilled today because we’ve been invited to be part of the Maseca Blog Amigas, where everyone can find hundreds of tasty recipes that can be done with this special product.

In Perú, for example, we love tamales, and we have dozens of different kinds. I think every town in the country has its very own recipe… so now we just have to visit Mi Maseca and we can find many tamale recipes from every country in Latin America. The recipe section contains both gourmet and traditional recipes, amongst many others. Take your time to check it out. Our favorite so far:  tamales del Peru (we’re so predictable!).

We don´t have tortillas in Perú, even though we have wonderful corn and this is one of the staples of the daily diet. But I learned how to make them in El Salvador. It was so funny, as you can see in the picture, and the tortillas came out delicious an puffy, just like pitta bread, ready to be filled with smoked cheese. So good!

Every now and then, I missed the flavor of a warm tortilla or an albóndiga in my bean soup. My mother brought Maseca with her all the time when she visited Lima, and she taught me how to make my favorite dishes, like chicken soup with albóndigas (made with Maseca dough and shredded chicken), or rosquilla soup for Easter. Then I learned to make muffins, biscuits, mazamorras (what is known in Mexico as atoles), or used Maseca as a thickener for chillis or stews. It is so versatile that I loved to have it always at hand, and kept many bags in my freezer for when I needed it.

My brother Roberto, who back then was a chef in the making, loved to experiment with Maseca too, and used it to make empanadas filled with shrimp, refried beans, or bacon. They were extremely popular among his friends, and I think that´s why they never missed an opportunity to come home and enjoy these novelties, not only delicious but also healthy. Which brings to mind the fact that this product is perfectly okay for people with gluten-restricted diets. They could have so many excellent dishes and never miss wheat bread or cakes, because everything can be made with Maseca.

You can win many prizes in the  Raspa Y Gana sweepstakes that ends in December. You don’t wanna miss this!

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  1. this is so awesome to read! im still trying to teach myself to be proficient at making tamales. and being vegetarian always makes it hard because finding good fillings and making good dough with vegetable shortening can be a challenge. Im making tamales for thanksgiving, any ideas??

    • We are in love with tamales, they are so good, and the good news is they can be vegetarian. You can make dough with oil, however, the flavor will be different. Stay tuned for our tamale recipes. You´ll love them.

  2. Tamales are an incredible recipe, and the way of preparation is very special.
    A tamal can tell you stories, with a tamal you can know if the chef was happy when he made it; thats why we put special attention in our tamales section, in our page. Have you seen it?


    • We´ll give our readers some recipes for our tamales. In Perú there is a book about tamales and the lives of tamale makers. They need to love their craft so they can make wonderful tamales. It´s all about good vibe going through the cook´s hands to the food they are making. We love the tamale section at Good work.

  3. Thanks a lot, that’s why we try to make the better section about tamales, ’cause we know is a truly important recipe for all our continent.
    You mentioned an important situation about tamales. “they need to love their craft”, this is real, if you don’t love what you do, then the results are not loved either.

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