13 Ways to Use Salsa Criolla

Salsa criolla is part of the Peruvian gastronomic landscape. It complements perfectly well most of our tasty dishes, and I´m sure that many of them simply won´t be the same without this side of lemony onion slices and aji amarillo. There is a radish variation, and some adventurous cooks add red and yellow bell peppers, sliced tomatoes or creamy avocados to the salsa, making it even more delicious. Here you have a tiny list of some dishes that need salsa criolla to be just perfect.

1. Vegetarian arroz con pollo

2. Pan con pejerrey

3. Tamalitos verdes

4. Jalea

5. Huevos a la rabona

6. Hearty Turkey sandwich

7. Cilantro rice with fried fish

8. Rice with duck

9. Papa rellena

10. Baked tamalito verde

11. Split peas Tacu tacu

12. Butifarras

13. Arroz a la cubana


  1. Virtual Private Server says:

    I was worried about how much onion there was in the criolla salsa but my husband loved it. We’ve been experimenting with different flank steak marinades. The spices on the steak are great on their own, but then add the salsa and it gets even more interesting.

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