Anthony Bourdain, star, cook, father, dies at 61

The renowned chef has been found, on Friday, June 8, without life in his hotel room in France. The reason for his death: suicide.
This morning the world of entertainment and gastronomy has risen in mourning after receiving the sad news of the death of Anthony Bourdain. This Friday the same CNN, channel in which the renowned chef worked, has confirmed the death of the chef and television star.

According to the information provided by the television network, the chef would have been found lifeless due to a “hanging” in his hotel room. The celebrity was in France to shoot new episodes of his food and tourism show “Parts Unknown” in its 11th season. The program aired a tribute on his website on Friday that his death was known.

CNN said in a statement the following:

“With deep sadness, we confirm the death of our friend and colleague, Anthony Bourdain. His love for adventure, new friends, good food and remarkable world stories made him a unique storyteller. His talent never ceased to amaze us and we will miss him a lot. Our thoughts and prayers are dedicated to your daughter and family at this difficult time ”

Peruvian Chef Gaston Acurio shared this photo of Anthony Bourdain’s first visit to Peru in 2006 where he tried ceviche and tigers milk

Anthony grew up in Leonia, New Jersey and has worked since his teens as a dishwasher at the beginning. “I was a happy dishwasher. I always say between jokes that I learned all the important lessons, the most important lessons of my life, how to wash dishes. ” Bourdain launched into stardom when he was more than 40 years old after publishing an article in The New Yorker called “Don’t eat before reading this” that later became a bestseller, “When the book went on sale, I transformed my very fast life – I mean, I change everything, “said Bourdain. The chef also participated in several culinary programs and was the author of several culinary books and culinary reviews. Bourdain achieved great popularity in the United States and the world for his charisma, sincerity and the great content he included in all his shows. The chef also worked for various media such as The New Yorker, CNN, Travel Channel, Fox and being the author of multiple bestsellers such as “Les Halles: Strategies, recipes and cooking techniques of the classic Bistro” and “The Nasty Bits ”

Anthony Bourdain got a spiritual cleanse by a Shaman in the jungle of Peru

The life of the renowned chef also went through great ups and downs. In an intimate interview with “The Guardian” he declared that not everything in his life was pink as many painted it. He admitted to feeling like an unhappy soul and had suffered a series of addictions to hard drugs such as heroin and crack, which he began to use in his 20s. He also indicated that he believed he had overcome all that dark phase of his life and regretted very much having mistreated and behaved badly with cooks, waiters and kitchen assistants because of his problems controlling his anger. Bourdain said: “It’s terrible to make people feel like they’re stupid for working hard for you.”

Peruvian Chef Chez Wong shows Anthony Bourdain how to make a ceviche in Lima, Peru on 2013 for his show Parts Unknown

Anthony was also known to be a feminist activist. Since he started dating Asian girlfriend Argento, the first actress to declare the abuses that Harvey Weinstein was performing against many women, Bourdain came closer to this fight. The chef took drastic measures to promote gender equality in the gastronomic field and short-term relationships with several chefs who were intrusive on allegations of abuse.

Anthony Bourdain was dealing with a strong depression for a long time. In another interview with People, the chef declared that he had the responsibility to stay alive since his daughter was born in 2007 so as not to leave her alone. Similarly, he admitted that he had contemplated suicide on several occasions but that he had been able to “overcome” this stage and that he now felt relatively happy and tried to see the things in life that were really worth living. The chef had the unconditional support of his partner, Asia Argento, who thanks to her made him feel stable. Unfortunately, the chef could never leave behind his past and his life was overshadowed by suicide.

Currently, suicide is a big social problem that claims the lives of thousands of people each year. If you live in the United States and need help, do not hesitate to contact 1-800-273-8255. For more information and information in more countries, consult:

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