Gourmet Salmon and Causa Bites – In One Two Three

Two days ago my daughter was making causa with smoked salmon, and while she was taking photos of the finished dish, I decided to make a small bite for myself with the leftover ingredients. It was so easy and delicious that we thought it was a good idea to share it with you. These rolls are the perfect finger food for any al-fresco party, for a picnic in the park, or to have as a snack or an appetizer. Step 1: Place the salmon slices on a chopping board. Step 2: Top each slice with a small portion of the mashed potato used to make causa (the size of a walnut) and a couple pieces of avocado. Step 3: Add a teaspoon of finely chopped salsa criolla, and 2-3 capers. Step 4: Fold the salmon slices, wrapping the filling. Top with more salsa criolla, more capers, garnish with parsley leaves, and serve with cherry tomatoes and / or black olive slices. What could be easier and more colorful than this?

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