Lomo a lo Pobre – A very rich poor man’s steak

If you order Lomo a lo Pobre in any Peruvian restaurant, don’t be shocked if you are served a huge dish, too big to be eaten by only one person (or even by two). Don´t be fooled by the name of this simple meal: this poor man´s steak may use humble ingredients, but the amount of food it requires, and the mix of intense flavors and textures is anything but poor.

You won´t need a recipe for this hearty dish: the base is always a delicious tacu tacu, made with canary or black beans. Lentils, maybe? While the tacu tacu is in the making, prepare the breaded beef, by taking thin slices of beef, placing them between two sheets or plastic film, and pounding them until very thin.

To bread the steaks you need to have three plates ready: one with flour, one with a beaten egg, and the third with grated bread. When the steaks are thin enough, season with salt and pepper, cover entirely with flour, then dip each one in the egg, and cover with grated bread. Fry the steaks in hot oil over medium heat. You want the breading to form a golden and appetizing crust, not to burn.

Place a portion of tacu tacu in every dish, covered with the breaded steak.

A fried egg on top is a must, and even better if it’s organic and cage-free. You can’t beat the color, nutrients, and good karma of a happy egg!

And to finish it off, serve with Salsa Criolla. Fried sweet plantains are also served with Lomo a lo Pobre, but we think the entree is big enough even without them. If you want variations, use chicken or pork instead of beef, or make it veggie by adding the plantains and skipping the meat.



  1. Es uno de los platos que siempre pido cuando voy a un restaurante peruano. Mil y mil gracias por la receta. Ya podre hacerlo en casa!!

  2. In my opinion, this is the perfect dish! I love everything about this meal!

  3. El nombre de «lomo a lo pobre» viene del francés steak au poivre o lomo a la pimienta.


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