#MeatlessMondays – 22 Peruvian Dishes Vegetarians Must Try

I’ve been a vegetarian for most of my life, which is no easy endeavor if you grew up in a place like Peru. My country’s fabulous gastronomy is famous for its variety, its freshness, and unique flavors, but it certainly is not famous for being a particularly vegetarian-friendly cuisine. However, with so many years of experience in the art of fishing for vegetarian options within our traditional dishes, (and of creating them where I couldn’t find them), I don’t feel like I have to live a life deprived of Peruvian food just because I don’t eat meat.

Here are a few dishes that vegetarians can enjoy, although meat-eaters are welcome to try them too!

Papa a la Huancaina and Ocopa


Tamale-style quinoa stew and Wheat berry stew

Arroz al Olivar and Arroz Chaufa

Fried yucca sticks with chili sauce

Vegetarian pastel de choclo (corn pudding), pastel de acelga (chard tart), and pastel de alcachofa (artichoke tart)

Menestrón (Peruvian minestrone), and Chupe de ollucos (Andean tuber soup)

Triple  and vegetarian sanguchón

Tallarines Verdes (Peruvian pesto)

Papa rellena (stuffed potato) and palta rellena (stuffed avocado)

Tamalito verde with cheese (green tamale) and Tacu tacu

Huevos a la Rabona

Locro (squash stew)

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