Rice pudding slushy – Cremolada de arroz con leche

Last week my mom was visiting, and on our daily walks by the Hudson River, we also indulged in our current favorite pastime: trying new food trucks. It was from one of them that we got the inspiration for today’s recipe.

Mexico Blvd. is a Mexican truck that I see parked outside the World Financial Center at least once a week. I hadn’t had the opportunity to try it before, because I never seemed to find a vegetarian option in their menu. But last week, all of a sudden, it seemed like half of their dishes were veggie (yay!). There were 3 options that appealed to me: Flautas with refried beans, vegetarian quesadilla, and torta de aguacate (avocado sandwich). We got 2 out of the 3, and my mom also ordered a glass of horchata.

I have seen horchata many times in my life. I know it’s typical in Central America, and I also recall finding it everywhere when I lived in Barcelona (although I think Spanish horchata is a different thing). But I’ve never been big on buying sweet drinks, and hence, I had never tried horchata before. When I heard from my mom that it’s made with rice, my mind immediately linked it to good ol’ rice pudding. And that’s how this super easy summer slushy was born. A drinkable, frozen version of arroz con leche; our very own Peruvian horchata  frappé.

To make it, just freeze a bowl of rice pudding for a few hours, and when it’s starting to get hard, put it in the blender and mix until pureed. Serve sprinkled with cinnamon and a few orange zest curls, or grated orange zest. If you’re in a flirty mood, how about adding some Pisco to it? The perfect summer afternoon drink!


  1. What a fine pint, I’m sure they have to be divine, here in Spain we are very customary to prepare it, especially in my area. By the way I loved photography. I’ll be following to see your new posts.

    Greetings from Spain!

  2. I want the recipe for rice and beans listed in the Woman’s Day Magazine. It is vegetarian Thanks


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